Providing Opportunities
for People with
Learning Disabilities

HRGo Recruitment have generously donated some IT equipment and telephones for the JPK Training Centre for the use of Students. We now have sufficient telephones also for the residents of the 8 flats when built.

Sam Gillis, Branch Manager can be seen with Cliff, Centre Supervisor, handing over the equipment.

Sam says “We are delighted to be able to support the JPK Project, which is a local charity providing Training to people with a learning disability in Eastbourne. We are also looking forward to assisting with personnel support and assistance in the future”.

Jill Parker says ” Our very grateful thanks for the support of HR Go Recruitment, they will be making a difference”.

“The Bluebell Walk, Bates Green Farm, Arlinton is an annual event which is open from April through to middle of May to the general public to view the Anenomes and Bluebells in their Beatons Wood.

For many years John McCutcheon and his family open the Woods and their Bluebells Barn for local charities. Normally the Bluebell Barn is open to provide refreshments and the charities make their money from this, but the charities also receive a donation from the Gate money.

This year the Bluebell Barn, due to Covid cannot provide refreshments but have been invited to assist at the gate and generally welcoming the public and supervising. Although the normal refreshments aren’t available there are piicnic tables provided.


The JPK were given a day when the woods were beautiful and carpeted with Anenomes and

with the Bluebells just

beginning to poke their heads out of the earth.

We were assisted by Doreen and Brian Goldsmith and Patrick Parker.

We are ever grateful to John and his family for their hard work and offering local charities to benefit from this event.


From Left to Right: Brian Goldsmith, Jill Parker, Doreen Goldsmith and

Patrick Parker.

A very happy and well organised day.

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