Providing Opportunities
for People with
Learning Disabilities

Community Training Centre Opens

Our new community training centre with restaurant and training facility forms an integral part of our Centre and The Old Town Cafe. It enables us to offer work experience and training placements for individuals with learning disabilities, with opportunity to learn skills in hospitality, customer service, catering, hygiene and more.

 Additional students are now also on stream. Together with Ellie Duignan our restaurant & training supervisor, staff have been undertaking all the Health and Safety and Risk Assessment requirements and have now commenced the new future curriculum’s for the students and have initiated signage for those who might not be able to read and write.

The future training modules include:

  1. Reception
  2. Barista
  3. Restaurant
  4. Bar
  5. Food preparation and cooking & food hygiene
  6. Housekeeping

All leading to self- help skills and either ‘in house’ or National Vocational Qualifications in preparation for future supported employment or volunteering opportunities

We are delighted to announce our new student training programme has got off to a great start.

Behind the scenes in our new study centre, our students are learning computer skills, with ‘Communicate in Print’. Andrew created an order of events sheet to recall what happens when a visitor comes into the café. This was his first time ever on a computer and he was overjoyed with his achievements. Lucy created an order of tasks sheet. The dividing board helps students to concentrate on their individual work.

Catherine has been working independently, keeping a diary of her work achievements. Catherine has also been practising making herself a hot drink before our café opens and is now very able at making a hot drink in the Barista bar

Polly is growing in confidence  when using the milk steamer to make a cappuccino in the Barista bar, she has also been mastering the correct technique to make a delicious latte.

Andrew worked in the kitchen for the first time this week.  He used the pass to process an order of 2 cheesecakes for 2 customers. Andrew has also been working on reception, having done so, only once before.  He has remembered to take down the track and trace information required from all our customers.  Helen has been giving him support and encouragement.

Alia worked on the Reception desk for the first time this week.  She was very adept at taking down customers’ Track and Trace details.  She showed customers to the entrance of the café and helped them to exit the building through the correct door, in order to comply with the Covid Regulations.

Sophie has increased her confidence using the new computerised till and can now log on with her personal pin number and put a customers’ order through to the kitchen.

Lucy is working with Polly on learning and understanding allergens.  They are using a Communicate in Print activity devised for their study time.

Jo is learning how to use the computer, working with the Communicate in Print activity.

Chris has refreshed his skills, serving customers in our café.


All the staff are delighted with everyone’s enthusiasm and progress.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this goal !

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