Providing Opportunities
for People with
Learning Disabilities

Our Aims at the JPK Project


The JPK Project was formed in 2001 as a result of research which identified need for suitable residential accommodation for people with a learning disability in East Sussex.

Our findings revealed over 140 people aged between 25 and 50 still living at home in the area and dependent upon their parents and carers, with no suitable provision for them or future plans for such locally.

The JPK Project believes everyone has the right to live independently, and that families should be able to access support to enable this transition before a crisis occurs. Furthermore, that we all need a purpose to get up in the morning and lead a meaningful and useful life.

Accordingly, our aim is to provide supported living accommodation and practical training and work experience on-site. This will ensure residents and individuals visiting us on a day-to-day basis can benefit from the support they need to explore their potential and contribute to the community in which they live. Importantly, it will also provide peace of mind for their families and parents as they no longer face the concern of caring at home long into retirement.

The JPK Project was registered as a charity in 2003. We have since worked and fundraised extensively to find and acquire the right site, finally completing and securing planning for our Centre in Old Town in 2013.  

You can learn more about our plans for the development of the JPK Project here.

We look forward to creating a friendly, encouraging and supportive environment, where new skills, confidence and independence can flourish.

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