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Bluebell Walk 2018 The JPK Project Team

We raised a fabulous £2,321.08 at the 2018 Bluebell Walk and send out a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers and supporters who served, supplied and visited us to make this possible.

On behalf of everyone at the JPK Project, we’d also like to pay particular thanks to John, Carolyn and Phillipa at Bates Green Farm, who gave us the two days and a generous donation of £1,100 from their Gate Money Fund.

John and Carolyn have been undertaking these fundraising events since 1979, opening their grounds and premises to hundreds of charities to fundraise. We might have felt slightly jaded after our two days, but can you image what it might be like for them – undertaking all the preparations and managing the site for many weeks with a successful of charities? You are special people.

Our very grateful thanks to everyone. You have all made a difference.

Claire Ballard – coordinator & Jill Parker, MBE, Chairman to the JPK Trustees

13th April 2018

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